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Bartlett Design Research Portfolios

Exhibition at the Nanjing NAN SPACE LAB GALLERY

23.11.2023 – 24.01.2024


The Bartlett Design Research Folios is an evolving publication platform that declares architectural design as a dynamic and impactful research discipline. Radical and pioneering in its content  and format, it demonstrates the role of design research as a vital and generative agent in the creation of exceptional projects in the fields
of architecture, landscape, urbanism, and design. By valuing design as research and research as design, this influential open-access project aims  to transform academic frameworks and the definition and culture of architecture at large.
In the last decade, the publication has grown to two series, comprising of 66 volumes in total.
A spectrum of diverse and hybrid methods of critical and experimental research is shown across the series in which design is always a central process and concern. Each folio presents a textual and visual narrative, unpacking the aims and outcomes of a project while linking scholarship and practice.
The featured projects have involved interdisciplinary collaborations which have in turn influenced knowledge and production in and beyond the academic sphere. Regardless of their scale and typology, these works have made significant contributions to spatial culture and practice, many of them having positively shaped buildings and experiences in the real world.

The displayed books are reprints of The Bartlett School of Architecture’s design research outputs that were submitted for assessment to the Research Excellence Framework (REF), the UK Government’s periodical process of expert review, undertaken by its higher education funding bodies to support world-class research. Both REF 2021  and REF 2014 results ranked The Bartlett Faculty number one for research power in its sector, confirming it as the UK institution where most ‘world-leading’ and ‘internationally excellent’ research in the built environment takes place.
This main exhibition space focuses on the 2022 series, comprising of 28 folios in total, tracking  the Bartlett’s REF 2021 design research outputs produced between 2015–2021.
The 2015 series, comprising of 38 folios, is presented throughout the rest of the gallery, including the reading room. It is tracking the Bartlett’s REF 2014 design research outputs produced between 2009–2014.
The gallery walls display extracts from the digital folios which are accessible in full at
This open-access platform was launched in 2015 with the aim to disseminate design research to broad audiences globally, bridging academia and practice, and surpassing institutional boundaries.
Yeoryia Manolopoulou,
Curator of the Exhibition

An online version of the research folios can be viewed here:



Sabine Storp and Patrick Weber are represented in 6 research portfolios:


Modulating Light and Views

Green Belt Movement Pavillion

Blind Spot House

Spinning Wardrobe


Briey – A Register of User Adaptations

Uncovering the Casa Sperimentale

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Exhibition photographer: 凡希影像.