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Soane and Le Corbusier: Modulating Light and Arresting Views

21 March – 19 April

Architect Patrick Weber presents a series of architectural interventions. Situated in the small drawing room and library, the works examine how the design methods of two eminent architects – Sir John Soane and Le Corbusier – inform architectural understandings of the relationship between lighting, views and materials in domestic space. The works draw on the striking similarities between their approaches including their innovations in how spaces are lit, their affiliations with spatial experiences and specific materials (brass and concrete, respectively), as well as their ‘breaks’ with their mentors.

The works presented in the Soane Suite consist of four models – two responding to Le Corbusier (cast in concrete) and a further two responding to John Soane (made out of brass).


Pitzhanger Manor

Walpole Park
Mattock Lane
London W5 5EQ

Pitzhanger Manor House and Gallery




Photos by Brotherton/Lock



Special thanks to:

Georgina Halabi, London Glass Blowing (Glass Vessel), Elizabeth Turrell (Enamel Pieces), Patrick Moser (Villa Le Lac Vevey), Carol Swords (Pitzhanger Manor House and Gallery) and the Sir John Soane’s Museum in Lincolns Inn Fields with Photos of the Museum Courtesy of the Trustees of Sir John Soane’s Museum.