Harlesden Town Garden is now well established and it will grow into a green sanctuary at the heart of the Harlesden. To extend the impact of the Garden onto the local community it is necessary to establish a base for group meetings, gardening workshops, community events and other gatherings.

The proposed Harlesden Town Garden Club House will allow members to extend their work with the community while giving them a base to meet, exchange ideas, store their tools, clean and exchange their produce from the allotments. In addition to this the Club House can be used to further connect with the local community through additional public and private events.

The Club House will be used to connect all the members of the public, promote outdoor activities, gardening and healthy eating. It can be used for arts events with local kids, cooking classes, raises awareness of environmental issues through and promote the ‘greening’ of Harlesden further through the Green Club.



This community garden has been created through the hard work and generosity of local volunteers, charities and funders. The main aim for the garden is to promote health and well-being to the local community through exercise and food growing, as well as to ensure that biodiversity flourishes in this urban environment.

Historic records show that garden nursery buildings dominated the site from around 1896-1935. These were then demolished to make way for the 32 domestic garages that were removed in 1980 to allow for an open space and playground. Unfortunately, in later years the park became a magnet for antisocial behaviour and no longer was a welcoming space for the community…. until 2013, when a community consultation on how to improve the area – part funded by Catalyst housing association – was carried out by local homeless charity Lift.

As a result of this consultation, the Friends of Harlesden Town Garden (FHTG) was formed – In partnership with Lift (Now Crisis Brent) and Brent Council – in order to help coordinate the park and to reintroduce a community asset that offers something for everyone to enjoy: a play area for children, green lawn and wildflower area, multi-use games area and raised bed allotments.

IMG_5112 IMG_5106__HTG_POSTER_04__HTG_PLAN_HTG_Section_YS Revision Harlesden Town Garden Hub